Sunday, March 28, 2010

Slash query response time for BI and DW applications

The Oracle OLAP option has built-in data compression and on-the-fly calculation features that work so fast you may not need to maintain Materialized Views for summary information anymore.

In a new white paper, Escendo Corp shows the equivalent of a star schema with 5 dimensions and 2 million rows in the fact table giving 1 second query response time for any of the possible 42 million summary rows that are not materialized. With performance this fast, there is no need to
adjust an MV when users ask for different slices of data.

This 1 second response time is available through a standard Oracle SQL view to any application or tool that can access the database - Discoverer, APEX, OBIEE, SQL Developer, etc. Creating that view is done with the click of the mouse using Escendo Analytics.

To download the paper, go to
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Read about how to Dramatically Optimize BI Queries using an important part of Oracle OLAP:
Compressed Composites.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Escendo has released Version 1.1 of Escendo Architect.

This release includes full conversion capabilities for almost all objects from existing Express OFA applications in addition to enhancements to release 1.0.

Escendo Architect now provides full access to the entire suite of Oracle OLAP objects and functionality.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Escendo Corp. Launches Architect with Productivity and Extensive Analytics Management for Oracle OLAP

Escendo Architect provides robust capabilities for building and managing complex business intelligence solutions in Oracle OLAP. The Escendo solution helps improve the overall effectiveness of managing the analytics resources by reducing the time and effort to delivery, and enabling better use of the underlying technology. This is an alternative avenue both for legacy analytics applications as well as current OLAP implementations.

Littleton, Colorado March 18, 2009 -- Escendo Corp. announces Escendo Architect, a business intelligence platform leveraging advanced analytics capabilities of the Oracle OLAP technology. The multi-developer environment significantly improves quality and enables faster deployment. Features such as version control with check in-check out, cascading deletes, partition templates and rollback can increase productivity by reducing errors, repetitive work and task complexity. Escendo Architect provides an underlying analytics framework to achieve uncompromising performance, scalability and reliability. This OLAP platform delivers powerful analytics to retain and derive the greatest return from your business intelligence investment.

“With our release of Escendo Architect, we offer a compelling path for customers who rely on Oracle OLAP or the legacy Express technology as used in Financial and Sales Analyzer. Many have business critical analytics applications with steadily increasing demands with regards to data volume, complexity and frequency of updates,“ said Karl Johnson, Escendo Corp. CEO “We have simply responded to customer needs where extending the return on business intelligence investment is paramount.”

Escendo Architect opens a wide array of possibilities for extreme analytics. Flexibility in access control and use of direct multi-write enable effective planning or budgeting without additional layers or processes. “Being inside the Oracle database improves cost effectiveness since fewer moving parts simplifies both development and maintenance,“ says Carey Probst, SVP of Technology Escendo Corp. “Having fewer interfaces substantially reduces implementation time and effort.”

About Escendo Corp.:
Escendo Corp. was founded to absorb the software development activities of Vantage Resources, LLC, a provider of business intelligence and OLAP consulting since 1991. Escendo Corp. brings advanced analytics to market through its highly scalable business intelligence platform. The solution is internal to the Oracle database, and as such can deliver the scalability, reliability and performance necessary to meet the growing needs of business analytics into the future.

Karl Johnson
Escendo Corp.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Escendo Corp. to announce release of OFA and OSA convertion utility

Tune in next Tuesday for the official announcement of the release of the Escendo Architect Express/OFA/OSA conversion utility.

More details to follow but to summarize:

As a preview, we will provide tools to migrate existing OFA structures to Oracle OLAP 10g or 11g using Escendo Architect. Using the Conversion Utility will allow you to convert OFA structures directly or to modify them prior to creation to allow for changes in the default structures in OLAP compared to Express.

You will also be able to add OLAP 10g and 11g features such as partitioned measures, multiwrite access for data entry, and new structures such as compressed composites. We also offer reusable partition templates in Escendo Architect so users do not need to create new partition templates for each measure or cube built.

In addition Escendo Architect allows automatic creation of of relational views into the workspace including the ability to represent value based hierarchies as ragged level based hierarchies.

Welcome to the Escendo Architect OLAP blog

Welcome to Escendo Blog.

With this we will discuss Oracle OLAP and its features plus how to maximize the results from OLAP.

We will focus heavily on Escendo Architect and Analyzer and discuss how to easily migrate from previous Oracle Express products such as Oracle Financial Analyzer and Oracle Sales Analyzer and discuss methodology for converting from non-Oracle products such as Cognos, TM1, and other OLAP tools.

In addition we will discuss various methods for reporting using Escendo applications as well as third party applications accessing OLAP workspaces developed using Escendo Architect.